Friday, August 14, 2009

Keeps getting sooner or later

Yesterday Gus and I drove to Columbus to check out the OSU college (compound) of engineering. I acted the part of interested and participatory mother, and did a pretty good job until the tour guide asked if we had gone to the admissions office like most of the other people had done. How did they know to do that? Where were the instructions? All the university sent us were some really bad directions. Yet again, I've missed the loop of information that would help to maintain what might be the only "normal" high school/ college experience any of my children will have.
Gus is a very bright kid, and an excellent scholar, but he has the inability to be in on the buzz or get the paperwork for scholarships, memberships and such that would propel him into that charmed life it seems so many of his peers are living. Not one of his close friends has a job, they all drive not that late of a model car, and they, know where and when to be at the right place.
If Gus has inherited anything from his parents, it's a keen mind, a sense of humor and the lack. I can help him to fight it, to stave it off, but it will always get the better of us. No matter how hard we try to function like civilians, the reality is we are not. There is some good in that but I'm tiring of the overthinking, analytical process and evaluation. In this case,it just gets in the way.


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