Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Knowin' what I know

I had to let some stuff sink in, and let it resonate for a bit lest I write something I might regret as I've done countless times before. But this time I really did need to hold steady for awhile.
The library has had some major funding cuts, anyone could see that was going to be the case as we are at the mercy of state and county tax revenues which have decreased considerably.
There has also been some flush living as in the expectation that the fun would never end and we could just throw it out the window because there would always be more.
I knew better; I worked in a library in California breathing the fumes of proposition 13 which had eviscerated any public institution within the bear republic. So, as I labored within this system and watched as consultants, motivational speakers, and highly compensated fellows became the norm along with reclassification of many positions which boils down to people doing the same thing but making a lot more money, I worked hard non the less and waited for the talaria to drop. It has, and now we will fight it out amongst ourselves as the assemblage has done for all time, as the higher ups make the tough calls and difficult decisions.


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