Monday, August 17, 2009

Tell me who has won

Yesterday the system that manages all of our public computers took a little time off to go to the beach and we were forced to use a manual sign up system which is what we had in place for eight years until the heavens opened, unicorn tears splashed all around us and we were given "Cassi".
I had forgotten how unimaginative people could be in their lack of civility or patience.
There was a lot of "this isn't fair", "why should we have to sign up" stuff. Mostly, from people who are at the library every day all day on the Internet playing games with frogs and little fantasy worlds that make so much more sense than our own.
I won't be working Sundays in the fall as ten years = no seniority apparently; so I will have to forgo abusive and illogical behavior in the public setting, for more of the same at my home.


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