Thursday, September 03, 2009

Even as we gaze

When I got to work today I on one of our book displays I found two cards with just; on them. So of course I went to the sight because I assumed it would be slanted towards Jews and the banks. Well, it's not overt but it's there. Mainly as with a lot of the 9/11 conspirators and off the beaten track ideologists, there is a tendency to hearken back to how the entire world is run by Jews and we pull the strings, did I say we, I meant to say they because I can't even control three teenagers, let alone world economies.
When I was little there was a white power phone number that used to make the rounds, it was horrifyingly entertaining to call and listen to the recording of the most angry man in the world spitting into the phone about blacks and Jews ruining everything for the white race.
I digress; Yesterday Gus got his drivers license and one thing we had been discussing was his interest in being an organ donor. I had explained to him that to my knowledge Judaism says that you can't do anything to the body after death, but it is also required that if you can help to save a life at any time, it must be done. So, philosophically speaking it's an ok thing to do. Here we go, messing things up yet again


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