Thursday, October 01, 2009

I had things planned

Sometimes when you try too hard, it really does show. I've tried way to much to be a better parent than my own, and apparently even that is not enough. The never ending need for more has claimed me as a casualty and I am infirm. I'm just annoyed at all of them. they're sloppy and gross, cause tons of trouble both of the simple and the extremely complicated kind. Why is that that I have to think about how their world view is limited, and I keep that in mind when I'm trying to explain the larger picture, when no one is doing or has done that for me. I just have to figure it all out by myself.
Jake got a ticket a few months ago, he "didn't address the problem" so it became a much bigger one, and I of course had to solve it. I just did it, I didn't lecture or make conditions, ask for promises or seek any guarantee of a reimbursement. Because, I've done all that before, it's meaningless. I just paid it and left it at that. Maybe my kids are teaching me something after all; That they can indeed wear me down. It just might have taken a little longer than average, but it can be done, even to those of us who think we are beyond the reach of mediocrity.


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