Sunday, September 20, 2009

I have to turn my head

And we're back...

That was fun. I have to say surgery now and when I had it the last time are quite the different balls of wax. Previous, anesthesia had me struggling against unconsciousness and then later coming to was like a fight from the depths. Now, I had time for one joke, got the surgical staff laugh and I was out.
Elana the recovery room nurse, had the kind of voice that guarantees everything went well, and was going to be alright, she soothed me back to a place of graham crackers and juice and I soaked it up like a third grader.
Now recovery, that has had it's moments. One of which had me up late at night on my crutches trying to get away from the pain by thrashing up and down the hallway crying and trying to figure out a way to remove the problem. Logic and pills finally took hold and thankfully those moments and that degree of "extreme discomfort" have not returned.
For the next week, I get to study how people ignore or are inconvenienced by the lack of mobility and of course how it seems all of a sudden everyone and then some are walking with a cane or on crutches to the beat of a very uneven drum.


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