Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mending a fuse

I have to get a flu shot every year, I really do. Not the new one, but the old school if I get it I'd probably die flu.
Yesterday, as a twofer I went to get it before my last physical therapy appointment. I registered a few minutes before nine and headed in the direction I was told. As I approached, there was a gaggle of seniors surrounding a table with one gal in colorful scrubs looking askance.
They were pissed, there was no reconciling how slighted they were because there were some walk in patients and the the ones that had appointments were not going to stand around and wait for the people that didn't.
Now, let me back up here and give a clear picture of most of the individuals in this group. Old, very old not under 80 probably closer to 90. Where do they have to be that they are going to get freaked out before anything even happens at the chance that they may have to wait a few minutes.
It does so happen that they took the people with appointments first and boy after the vilification of those others, all returned to normal; which is a relief because I don't think fisticuffs were out of the realm of possibilities based on the degree of hostility that was achieved.


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