Friday, October 23, 2009

Full of possibilities

Jack is eating his lunch alone; well not alone because there are hundreds of other kids, but he's sitting at a table by himself. It's his choice, he says there is too much drama at the table he usually sits. His best friend has chosen to remain on set and subsequently I think Jack is pretty down. Yet, he perseveres. I've suggested some less known friends to sit with or perhaps strike up a conversation with some outlanders , but he gives me a look like I'm so far off from the reality of the situation that I need to just go back to my shuffleboard.
My kids are sad, they've got very little to hold onto right now, and that little is me. Eamon has kind of emotionally left the premises and no matter that it's his issue not ours, he'll make it seem as though our mere existence is a big fucking pain in his ass; hmm, rings a familiar bell with me. Nothing like marrying your parents and only having the gumption to admit it 22 years later.
Friday fish sandwich anyone?


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