Monday, October 19, 2009

I just looked around

Yesterday after having no coffee for over a month, I had half a cup and was a wreck. Placebo affect, I think not. I lazed about for a few hours and watched the Dew tour BMX competition. Jack and Gus meandered in and asked what I was watching it for because it was boring.
This is what I'm faced with. I have three sons, and they have no interest in catching any air what so ever. I'm not feigning an interest in this, I have always been amazed at people who can forgo gravity whether it was hand stands or doing a full cab. The fellas, unfortunately are more interested in head shots.
Speaking of head shots, it's been JFK week on the history channel, a smorgasbord of archival footage, theories, and newsmen making proclamations about the absurdity of the idea of a conspiracy. My laundry is folded in tight, neat and precise ways never imagined at my house. That is due to the never ending levels of frustration manifested through my fingers as I watched the aforementioned journalists impart truth to those of us who might not know different.


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