Thursday, November 05, 2009

Going down now

The levy is broken. Not a physical one mind you, but the one that would have cost people living in my town, a dollar more a day to keep busing, and extracurricular activities; along with maintaining the integrity of a highly rated school system. Alas, a little more than half of the population thought better and nixed it.
This is the third time for us. We moved out of Lakewood because the schools were failing miserably, then In Litchfield they had to close Jack's school because of lack of funds, so I'm starting to feel as if we might have something to do with the trend.
I understand that people don't want to pay for dumb whiny kids and their educational needs, I sure don't want to give any more, especially to my own. Regardless, it seems naive and not very forward thinking to let a good thing die, especially because it took so much to establish it in the first place.


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