Sunday, November 01, 2009

You can stand

Coming from a woman with a foam dinosaur on her head, Eamon was told that his costume was bad luck. He was "the umbrella man" from the JFK assassination, which is one step of effort more than a hobo. She also showed a lot of disdain for the get up in a more dismissive way, mostly I assume because it seems subversive, though the majority of people think there is a conspiracy related to the assassination, it's not party material, others rolled their eyes or just laughed when they asked him what he was.
We were discussing it this morning, thinking we had really slept in big time though we had forgotten to turn back the clocks; and I said that it was strange that an adult with a big foam thing on her head, would feel compelled to judge another one for their choice. Specifically, it's retarded for adults to dress up anyway, what exactly is the criteria for an acceptable costume? Apparently for a group of librarians, it has to be store bought; and I will point out, there were four witches, the female default costume equivalent to hobo.


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