Monday, November 30, 2009

Nobody can climb

When we went to Florida, I had just a few expectations, because traveling with three "young men" can be full of unexpected and challenging possibilities; or, being a mom with a bunch of kids who won't listen to one thing I say can make for an enormously complicated experience. Let me break it down; there are the logistical aspects of traveling, as in, I can't lose one or I'll be in trouble. Then, add having no idea where I'm going, luckily each of them at various times have memorized a map of Pinellas county and surrounding areas, so they, in one actual act of unity know I'm going the wrong way.
I lament complaining about going on vacation, eating amazing food and having the opportunity to hang out with my family, but... I've watched as things begin to break down for people when they are away from home. One of the most entertaining for me is the breakfast dance. It's when there are dozens of people who are trying to hunt and gather their food in the cozy home like kitchen area of the hotel attempt to ignore each other and try their best not to touch or bump into one another as they reach for that last cup of do it yourself waffle batter. Free food without anything but a time limit can be a telling indicator, of what; gluttony, abandon, self control. The possibilities and motivations are endless, all of what makes a trip both, well a trip and a half.


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