Thursday, November 19, 2009

Breaking my mind

As I was blathering on about our Thanksgiving plans with my family, my Mom was falling on her face; literally. She fractured a bunch of bones; cheek, sinus, nose. Not a pretty picture. The claim is she fell out of bed, but the bed happens to need a step stool to get into, and the stool was hit on the way down. Nocturnally, my mother has issues, she wanders, gets up and does things she has no recollection of the next day.
There have been events, this is the third or fourth, but for some, there is no connection, though they have been lucky to have these signs that she needs to be in a different setting, one where she can be monitored and managed by someone other than my father.
On the phone last night with my dad, I could truly hear the degree and weight of the situation, but from across the country, I could only sit and listen on the phone while my father tried to reason with someone who was not anyone he knew, yet has been married to for almost sixty years.


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