Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Flip the tube

Last night was the first of three "winter" concerts this week; add a swim meet and you've got Yahtzee, Oh what a week it will be.
It was an exceptional musical extravaganza and to top it off, When the choir director called for alumni to come up for the singing of the Hallelujah, there up on the stage, for our viewing pleasure, Jake. All three fellas singing their little hearts out, the auditorium could hardly contain them. I have video, but because today I am fuzzy in the head, it will have to wait for an incongruous future date.
Eamon was there too, oh was he ever. He had sat down before I came in, so when I saw that he was in the back I told him that Jack had said we would need to be up front and on the left if we wanted even the small chance of seeing him. Gus I've never seen, he's a percussionist so I know he's there. My husband decided that this was the time he was going to stand, or in this case sit his ground, and he and I sat as if we were one of the many divorced couples that attend the same event, but put rows of seats between them lest anyone think they get along..


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