Saturday, January 16, 2010

That's unexpected

Pat Robertson is not an example of how people are reacting to the Earthquake in Haiti. There are millions of people, plenty of whom are struggling to manage, who have donated money, time, blood anything to help. And then, there are people like Pat, and Rush who just hate. We all can hate, but most of us don't make a living out of it so it is not our first reaction to a crisis.
Last night Eamon and I met for a drink at a place called the Pub, there is not much that is remarkable about this restaurant except for the back lounge area, which is about as accurate a replica as one can get of a true British neighborhood pub, and the fact that our waiter looked like Tom Jones in a kilt. In fact, the reason I wanted to go there was to sit by the fire in a leather lounger and have a drink and chat. Needless to say, that area was being used by a private party. They were only sitting at one big table, but because making space exclusive is such a huge part of our culture, those of us who don't belong never get to forget it.


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