Saturday, December 26, 2009

To reason away

I'll start with the most pleasant of Christmas memories for this year. My husband told me that his siblings would not be exchanging gifts this year. I purchased some delectables to at least have something to share, but nothing extravagant. When his sisters (4) and brother finished handing us our gifts, I thought to myself, perhaps Eamon was confused and meant to say, "hey, let's go to my sister's house so I can make you look like a complete asshole." Which would have indeed been the case, because I do.
Does his giving me a copy of Billy Jack make up for that horrific error? I'm on the fence. I lean in the direction of forgiveness, because he knows that the movie was one that shaped so many of my choices when I was 9; Clothes, martial art instructional choice, wishing to be a noble Native American. It was the movie that let me know, I too could be a peaceful outsider, but when someone goes past that line.....


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