Monday, January 04, 2010

Each morning at dawning

The aftermath of the holidays. In today's case, ten inches of snow has fallen with no end in sight. For some reason on these days I feel compelled to go to the store and buy a lot of meat, as if we might not be able to get out for a few months. Apparently, I want to avoid a cannibalistic episode.
Gus was accepted to Ohio State University last week. He was confident that he would have no trouble, but because he has applied to very few colleges I was a little on edge. When I think about our house without him there for the better part of the next four or five years, I recognize that gradually all of these fellows will be moving on and making their own way. In fact, in a fit of rage and frustration Jake has let me know that California is very appealing to him right about now. It being no wonder, as he's the one who takes it upon himself to organize the freezer.


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