Friday, February 05, 2010

It was in my way

Snooki cut my hair the other day. I am not kidding, the girl was the spitting image, down, or in this case, up to the bump. I wish I didn't know who Snooki or The Situation were, in a perfect world, it would be enough that I've never seen the show, there might be mention in some venue but the phenomenon of instant stardom crosses all lines, has no borders and leaves no stone unturned.
So I marveled at the similarities in the mirror, more of a spectacle for me to look at during the three and a half hour hair cut. See, I was her first client over there at the Brown Aveda institute. Me, with the most complicated head of hair this side of NJ, had the luck to get a student with some time on her hands. But, she was also skilled so I walked out of there, albeit sore, yet a happy customer indeed.
I didn't say anything about her doppelganger, but what I wonder is, will it be an advantages to her or will she just be the only person who doesn't use something they "have" for evil.


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