Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Save the shame for me

I'm vague. To break that down a bit, not quite all here, foggy, distant; mostly forgetful. It's not the end of the world to not be all there, but people around me are used to me being razor sharp so for them, it's a bit of a change.
Jake is 20; no longer a teen. That's huge. When this process of writing about the idiosyncrasies of having teenagers and being of a less than mature mindset began, he was sixteen, or for a more realistic sense, he was a stratum of difficult; I'm guessing, so was I, just an entirely different set of concerns and trouble.
Jack Henry is 15 today, he still insists on a kiss goodnight, an I love you when he leaves for school and is just beginning to face the horrific challenges of puberty and young adulthood. In other words he's not glum, sullen or angry aka, Eamon, Jake and Gus.


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