Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Mine's broke down

I scorn books, well not all books, but one's that are a direct response to a trend or an issue. How fortuitous that dozens of people were writing books on global warming, or the lack thereof just in time for the GWS. These books that are a response to events just make me envision that there are hacks out there, fingers poised over keyboards, ready to type about any subject that might, and probably will sell copies.
I weed the new nonfiction every week at my job, the endless titles about the Obama's both Barack and Michelle, the lovely face of Sarah Palin staring out from those hip and now specs; there are so many answers to all of our ills, it amazes me that we still have any problems to face.
But we do, one is the library is currently facing a lack of funds. So, we have initiated a plan of charging for printing. It's not an extreme change, patrons still get ten pages free every day, but the response is, well, pretty vile, name calling, insults and that's just my colleagues. The public is pissed. They want their five or six hundred pages a day without limits. I'm not exaggerating. We have dozens of people who come every day and print out the equivalent of entire book, hey wait a minute....


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