Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Brewing alternatives

I think most people grow into their looks, and actually start looking better in their forties than they did when they were twenty. The exceptions are the bloated from way too much drink, and the crystal meth chisel; that would be the drawn cheeks, narrow malnourished look and dead eyes. Those features, do not make for a better appearance.
Now all of that perspective could be due to my age. I tend to think that our entire paradigm shifts as we get older as in what is more appealing or what we focus on.
Eamon says that I focus way too much on appearance and aging, that I am stuck there. I won't refute that, what I will say is that when I'm in a moment I don't think about it at all, I'm completely unaware of the ridiculous face I'm making or action I'm taking when I'm telling a story. Animated would be putting it lightly. I act out many events on any given day.
Yesterday, I had to give a book talk to about forty people, most of them seniors, at a church near by the library. I was to speak for an hour, and make it interesting to boot!
I had been working on the program for about a month, though up until a few days ago, had never read it aloud or timed how long it would be. So, Eamon who was not feeling well said he would be my audience. Subsequently, he fell asleep after about two minutes. So, I just used that story as my opening, did my impression of his snoring, got a huge laugh and knew without a doubt that I owned it.


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