Wednesday, March 03, 2010

It's only me who wants

An awful lot has happened in the last week or so. We had to put Stella down, she kind of stroked out on us and because we waited too long with our last Bouvier, we were not about to let this one suffer because we were at a loss. Then, my old friend Pleurisy came by for some coffee and a chat, and to top it all off, for the first time that I know about at least, I had to be woken out of a dream because I was screaming incoherently, or depending on Eamon's mood, making noises not unlike a dolphin. I'll spare us a description of the dream, but I will say there were rifles, gymnasiums and some guy named Eddy, not at all interesting to anyone but myself, except that it brings to mind the times in life when something happens and, I've heard people say this so I know it's not just me, "did that really happen or was it in a dream I had." Both is really the answer. Because as we dream there is a part of our mind that knows it's as real as can be, that's why the relief or contempt upon waking is palpable.
In a way, it's good that the fellas got to see what it really means to be a pet owner, that you have to act and behave in ways that will serve beyond your own desires and wishes.
Next week Stella will join Lucy on the mantel and we'll just envision them hanging out, just like on the card the Vet sent us of a dog and a cat in this case, sitting side by side on a mountain overlooking a valley, stars glimmering in the heavenly sky and perhaps a dolphin or two swimming in the ocean below.


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