Saturday, March 13, 2010

There was a time

A light subject today, life and death; or actually living knowing that we end. A few conversations over the last week where the subject keeps popping up. Perhaps as my friends and I age, these matters become more relevant or pertinent.
I've always had death on my mind, it's what keeps me from fully living, because part of me is always trying to figure out what the point is. Not a very positive approach, but when your Mom tells you at five years old that there is nothing else, and your just going to be in the ground dead, then you have no notions of angels and harp music. At that age, trying to conceive of what an end to living means was just not imaginable. Yet, I kind of tried and pretty much did not like the inevitability of it and remain in that state of mind.
For my children I've taken a variant approach from what I was stuck with. When they were young and asked me what came next, I told them another place, even better, and with great potential. I have a statement for all that we can't know, including the Tooth Fairy and Santa. "I can neither prove or disprove their existence." And that, is truly what I believe.


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