Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Absolutely nothing

If anyone needs to know, I now can differentiate between grave and serious injuries. My Nephew's ,who was in a vehicle that drove over a hundred and fifty pound bomb in Afghanistan, are serious. I also know what an IED is, and which vertebrae can be broken yet still enable a person to walk. These things, I'd rather just judge them from afar, from my stance of this is a terrible and completely unnecessary war. One that has proven nothing except that there are plenty of people who are dying and being injured in the name of, well it isn't love, that's for sure.
We live in so many worlds, there are the places that we have to just sit with our thoughts rather than tell people, even though they don't hesitate. Then there are the like minded who you can become so eloquent with; defining your principles and where you draw the line.
And then, there is the person whom you've watched grow up, tumbling into everything, not thinking about the repercussions, and who loves being a Marine because it's the adventure and rush he was looking for, and all I can be, in the most specific and accurate state, is numb.


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