Friday, April 16, 2010

We came out of it

Eamon and I have been watching John Mortimer's Paradise Postponed on DVD. I think it was shown on PBS in the eighties, at least that's how I remember watching it, anticipating the Sunday evening spectacle.
There are a few things to touch on regarding this show. The first is, that we both watched it and that we don't think we were a couple yet, so independently we viewed a program on TV, in our twenties, when we should have been doing much more exciting things. Such a good match are we! The second, is that it's such a satisfying story. Not unlike my number one movie choice in the universe, Rules of the Game, the subtleties and norms of social mores and class distinctions are ripped open and shown glistening in the sunlight, but it's done in a very British way, so all of that is barely noticeable. What is however, is the focus on how the struggle for power and position is so fruitless, so unbearably empty that you actually have strong feelings of empathy and sadness for the perpetrators; what an astounding feat! And in addition to all of that, the hair, music and clothes circa 1985 don't disappoint


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