Friday, April 02, 2010

Upon the rocks

I stepped over to the dark side yesterday, I bullied Jack because I buckled under the stress. What stress really? Letting an 81 year old 90 pound woman push me around, well not literally but who cares, the outcome was ridiculous. Realizing that size really doesn't matter is essential to understanding power and control and the elements that make it possible to make a reasonably sane person start screaming about ice cream.
Jack knows me well, he's aware of how hard I work at being better than what I might have been. However. my actions yesterday make all of that meaningless. He's not going to say to himself, this is just my mom acting out, displacing her anger on to me. So I'll excuse her these transgressions. No, he is just hurt and sad that I couldn't have come up with that myself.


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