Monday, April 05, 2010

No one likes to be let down

Oh, my glorious wonderful job! To be paid for taking care of people rather than slaving away for free. The needy abound. At least here I know that I'm going to be jumping up every minute or so to serve the compulsions of the public. At home this last week, I was on call, sort of like one of those ball girls at a tennis match ready to jump at any time.
Last night Jake and Jack Henry kind of melted down. They are most like my side of the family, feely, touchy and neurotic in an East Coast way. So with the departure of our west coast contingent they were feeling at a loss for what is familiar and known.
Jack likes to be around his cousins because he can be himself and not feel judged. He understands that fully and laments his lack of freedom to be as comfortable here, with his friends.
I haven't lived around my family of origin for over twenty years, I think in many ways it could be desirable, especially for my kids, but for me the thought of living in Southern California again reminds me of when Eamon and I drove past the you are leaving California sign and I felt this enormous sense of relief. I wonder if I would feel the same thing now after leaving here.


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