Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I'll show you

I've read or heard about when individuals rail against a company or a bigger entity and how through perseverance and determination they manage to overcome whatever obstacle they have to contend with; and then I wonder how is it that even though I follow those same protocols and pursue with all my might what I know is a just, or at least a sane solution, I get none.
A little over a month ago I made an inquiry into a alternative Bank of America Mortgage program because last year ours was purchased by BOA and since then I've dealt with the closest I've ever come to an organization that is set out to destroy people.
That show of interest for some reason translated into enrollment and participation in a vast and illimitable hell ride known as "let me transfer you," click. There is no way out. No matter that each person I talk to after hours of waiting and explaining says that they understand and they will fix the problem. Even when they really get it, because the one's that don't are easy to identify. Even then, the next day I receive a fed ex packet with new enrollment materials, hot off the devil's presses. Let me add that I've been to countries where it's your turn in line after waiting hours a local inhabitant runs up to the window and throws down their papers and gets immediate help; so I do know the frustration of normal procedures. It's that I'm asking them to take my money and keep charging me lots of interest, just like they've been doing. That, is the rub.


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