Monday, May 17, 2010

If you could return

Communication is changing the relationships we have, or don't, or want to or wish we might and all variations thereof.
So, remember, (for those of us above 15 reading this), how when you fell in love with somebody, started to date or just were becoming friends and how you would call them when you could, after work, or school, at work, at home wherever there was a phone attached to a line, yes those days, well, there was some yearning involved and anticipation.
Now, there is no delay in contact, no time in between. There is the texting all night, all day, all nice. There is little opportunity to let thoughts linger, or be misinterpreted or even to settle in. I'm not saying things are moving faster, because time hasn't changed, but what has is the notion of access and any sort of limitation.
It's an evolution of sorts, just like any form of telecommunication or language. It's all so immediate, with no softness or cushion, just all here and now.


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