Friday, May 14, 2010

Of all the different ways

I'm a little out of whack, maybe the spring allergies, or it could be the snore-bark-snore-thunder-bark of every evening for the last few weeks.
Spring always brings lots of promise, of what, I don't know it just is a time that seems full of potential.
Last night was the final concert of the high school band that Gus will ever participate in. Was he feeling that I wondered? There is this small group that he runs with, a band geek gang if you will, and they are really the most talented kids I've ever seen, they play like they're in a professional outfit, they have tremendous confidence and they've had a conductor this year that let's them experiment, let's them thump giant sticks on the stage and whistle in addition to some very traditional standard arrangements.
I sit and wonder if these kids will continue with their music, or just kind of let that all drift away like so many segments our our lives, only to resurface when we start cleaning out an old file or drawer and find something that used to hold our focus and be right there in the center of things, all important and all encompassing.


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