Saturday, June 05, 2010

Of means by no means

Acting like your restaurant or whatever establishment it is, is working from a regional or local perspective and adding that the "craft" of either the food or product is so vital to the process, is merely an elitist take on basic goods and services that everyone else is providing but, somehow "yours" is as close to pure as it can be.
Gus graduated on Thursday, but beforehand, Jake, Eamon and I went out to eat downtown. Being the country folk we are, our server took it upon herself to make sure we understood the menu by holding her pen under words for me to read better because I asked for a description of something, and subsequently she spoke real slow for Jake when he had a question about a translation from French.
Oh, the joys of spending lots of money to be made to feel like merde! After a while, I gave up even looking at her, it was like trying to talk to a teenager, something I'm very familiar with. Everything was an argument or had a retort. In fact, it was just like what I'm used to because even after all that frustration and combat, I had to hand over huge wads of cash.


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