Friday, June 25, 2010

Your charms

Gus and I spent the last two days at OSU for his orientation, and I thought it would be fun to share of few of my observations and experiences.
I'll start with that he toyed with, just for a moment the idea of joining the Air Force ROTC once we heard about how much school was actually going to cost. We went on the tour of their building which is one you can kind of spot a mile off because it's the only one with a howitzer in front. The image that keeps repeating regarding that entire experience, is the sign on the bathroom door, refrigerator, and office window that is a dehydration chart and is based on urine color. I'm betting it depends on where you hang out as to how familiar this might have been, but for me it seemed churlish.
It was a chaotic and exhausting experience, with two stand out funny moments; the first being standing at a McDonald's counter as two employee's were yelling at each other and I interrupted with; "hey could you save the Mcargument until after I get my coffee." and then later as we were getting closer to the university and saw a large sign for OSU, Gus in his deepest most video game voice said, "time for re-education".
In a sense, he was right, they kind of broke us down; the parents because we were running around disoriented trying to find the right location for the next session, wondering where our kids where and if they were okay. And then the students whom they separate from us, in order to start and get them integrated into the college experience. They have to actually text and call their parents back for the first time ever which probably as I think about it was the most challenging thing they experienced.


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