Tuesday, July 06, 2010

That thin disguise

Last evening as I was starting my work day, a couple came over to me and told me there was a baby rabbit in the building. I thought they meant one that was hopping around, but it was actually in a cardboard box from a pet store. It was sleeping on a bed of artificial grass and next to the box was a little baby bottle half full of milk.
I looked around for a few minutes and then made an announcement about the person who left the petcare box needing to come to the information desk.
All to no avail, this bunny was ditched at the library. All I have to say, is good thing it wasn't newborn baby, because we really have no protocol whatsoever for this type of thing. One of the people I work with ended up bringing it somewhere, I don't know if that meant a place where it would be nurtured and fed until adulthood or to a wooded area where it probably wouldn't survive. But what I do know is that the person who left it for us to have to be responsible for making that choice is an oaf.
I could see maybe leaving it at a police station or even a pet store, but a library, what are we going to do with it, read it a nice Beatrix Potter tale?


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