Friday, July 23, 2010

Waiting for it all day

Eamon and I took Gus to Columbus this week to take care of some of the finer details that needed to be done in person regarding school and employment.
We waited as he took care of his job stuff, filling out papers and such. Then, he needed to find his advisor in order to change a course that he had signed up for but tested out of.
He argued with me about how she wasn't there and he didn't know how to find her. We were in the lobby of a lab building that he had been directed to previously, so I knew that if he would just cooperate, he would at least find someone who could help him, or give him some guidance.
This is an all glass, high ceiling lobby, I could hear how his hissing at me and sharp tone probably could be listened to from every floor. Normally I would aquiess and let him skip it, but we were there and I felt like if he could just take that additional step, he could resolve the problem. Reluctantly, he went upstairs and about twenty minutes later came down with a a sheepish grin on his face. The first door he had come to, was her "other" office and he resolved all the issues that were pending in order for him to register.
Finally, he said to me, "You win mom." That is honestly how he saw it. Like it was a victory for me rather than him getting done what needed to be. Oh, watch as a I bask in the glory of getting my child to function properly.


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