Sunday, July 18, 2010

I can't be

Last night, Eamon and I went out together for our anniversary. Part of that experience was us going to see some bands, one of which I have some friends in. We went to dinner and Eamon tried unsuccessfully to talk his way out of going on to the club. He claimed that the lightning in the distance looked like it would lead to a violent electrical storm, and that we were going to a shit neighborhood; and various other attempts to sway me. After the waitress had agreed to giving me a mojito to go, there was nary a chance in me allowing for any buzz kill, we were going and we were going to have fun.
We did and we did. Some of Eamon's friends were there as well, they were sitting at a large round table and he joined them, as his back hurt. I stayed standing and also walked around to talk to other people. A few times I looked over and he was engaged in a conversation with the woman sitting next to him, whom I did not know. Awhile later, I returned and sat down on his lap for a moment. That startled the people at the table, I suspect because they hadn't met me and were talking to him and all of a sudden he had a woman in his lap.
This morning as I was reflecting on the evening, I realized that my move had been primal. In a sense, I was marking my territory. It was not a conscious effort on my part, but obviously something internal had kicked in to make me behave thusly.


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