Saturday, July 10, 2010

Maybe I'm just too naive

I was the equivalent of a library bouncer this morning, because at the last book sale, someone pushed ahead on the stairs and a person ended up falling down. It's a pretty desperate situation and I think the dynamic can be changed with a greeting or acknowledgment as people are rushing in, for just enough of them, it kind of stops the momentum of the event long enough to give pause. And, for others, they don't even have a glimmer of interest in anything but being first.

When I grew up, my Grandmother and I would meet at least a couple of Saturdays a month for lunch or an outing. This started when I was quite young and lasted until soon before she died. I remember when I was in college, some of my friends making fun of me because she had bought the second Prince album for me and they thought she had gone to the store and picked it out as opposed to the reality which was she asked me what I wanted, and that was it. I never felt compelled to address their misunderstanding because it just made her look ever cooler than she was.


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