Saturday, July 31, 2010


So, we've had a family of hawks move into the woods behind our house, it could be a commune or gang, but it's a pretty sizable group. They appear to be various ages, adults, younger adults and babies. They all make the cry that ends up in every dessert scene ever in a movie, which makes me laugh each time, which has me laughing all day because they are very noisy and active.
Early yesterday morning I was letting Griffin out and saw some bunnies right by the house out in the open. I was watching them, looked up and out to see that they were also. So as the rabbits started away from my sight, I went out after them to give them the heads up that breakfast was them; I came around some hedges only to find them out in the open again, but this time they were having relations. The first bird of prey was a few feet away and I'm assuming my waving arms and shrill sound directed it elsewhere. The cottontails hadn't even noticed their impending doom, they were as happy, well, as two rabbits fucking.


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