Friday, August 20, 2010

Still on the payroll

When is karma a bitch? Because, I'm waiting for some results, and wondering when and if there is an actual comeuppance for anyone. I do actually know there isn't, it's the the people that expect fairness and a sort of justice in the universe that are naive and in my case delusive , in that it's actually a belief that someone or something is keeping a tally, so in essence what it really means when we expect life to be balanced and measured, is that we believe in God.
Well, that's interesting. Finally a little honesty and introspection has made me understand that I hope in something rather than have a strong credence.
This all surrounds some incidents, well actually a lifetime of trying hard to do the right thing with a conclusion that I'm doing it to be able to live with myself as opposed to what others are expecting of me. Hence, because those expectations are arbitrary chemical fluctuations both hormonal and mood sensitive, it depends on the day.


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