Saturday, September 11, 2010

My light says go

The other day, driving home from somewhere, I heard a song on Brooklyn Vegan a hip and now radio show on Sirius. It was called Green Light by the Equals. I thought it was new, another re-visit to the psychedelia baseline sound of the sixties. It rocked somewhat garage, but it seemed to also have a dash of ska. Not new, not now, just something and some people I totally missed. They actually wrote Police on my Back and the version by the Clash is a darn close copy. Also, Eddie Grant came out of the band to write Electric Avenue a very catchy diddy from the 80's. Where have I been. Why don't I know everything. Of late with a re-re-viewing of Coffee and Cigarettes, I noticed the music in the background of the scene with members of the Wu Tang Clan, GZA and RZA, and Bill Murry; Jim Jarmush uses music in such a way that it just makes every scene bigger and better, of course none of that counts in his movie Limits of Control because it just sucked, slowly, slowly sucked.
With that, I got the soundtrack and started listing to some very early ska again which brings me to the place where I began, the Equals sound was a composite very ahead of it's time, and somehow, and it could be because there's so much, so many niches I will never even peak into, I get to keep finding new things out and lamenting it all the way.


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