Friday, September 24, 2010

From infinity to infinity

It's been a week from weekland. We dropped Gus off at school after climbing nine flights of stairs a few too many times, and then drove back with such a mixed bag of emotions that I can't even define how I feel about him being away at school. I reckon it has to sit for awhile and then I can make some sense of it. But I do get to say that I have two sons in college and that's like such a badge.
Last night, Eamon worked overtime, which is obviously going to become a common thing; so I got to watch Just Wright with Queen Latifah and Common. Not that I want to ruin the movie, but they get together and he is an NBA player. Not gonna happen, not in this world, the one previous or the next. The movie even substantiates that by showing the area in the stadium where the wives of players sit, and let's just say none of them resemble the Queen. That absolutely bought me to tears, both for personal and universal reasons. It isn't as if men are not attracted to women of all sizes, but there is a standard, a pressure that is both social and economic to choose someone who fits, in both a literal and figurative manifestation.