Friday, September 17, 2010

The less we say about it

Gus is going down to OSU on Sunday to start his new career as a college student. It's been a long summer with him, mostly because he's been off with nothing to do, and no desire to change that since the last week in May.
At work the question is will I miss him. Certainly the answer is yes, he provides a balance; he's on the same side of the scale as Eamon, OCD and anxious as opposed to Jake, Jack Henry and myself, neurotic and anxious as well. So, that I will miss, and that he will actually do tangible things around the house and yard without too much conflict.
He really is already gone though. He's more social and event oriented than the rest of us, and this means his absence will not resonate quite as strongly, at least at first.
I'm excited for him, I stayed in Cleveland to go to college and though I lived on my own, I was always aware that I had a home here, except that my parents moved away.


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