Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sail across a stormy sea

The old adage, that kindness is mistaken as weakness has taken on new truth for me.
I've always thought that was a ridiculous contention, but recently I've found that it does hold some validity in that it is weak to put others before yourself which is what, on most levels good intention or consideration is. Regardless, I'm all for it, It is natural for me, my husband and children to be solicitous of others; though, Eamon feels that an indoctrination, especially a religious one, is the real root of that behavior.
Jack's good friend, whom he has had some trouble with before, has moved in, for the second time on his inamorata. This is a week after this friend had spent a lot of time at our house, a good deal of which was with my parents, so maybe it's payback of some sort. Nonetheless, I kind of saw it all go down at the football game and I really didn't know if saying something to Jack or leaving it be was the best idea. Apparently he was also privy to the event and had already dealt with it by telling his friend there was no room in his life for that kind of betrayal. And here I was, thinking we would have to rent a storage unit.


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