Saturday, October 23, 2010

It's coming on

Eamon and I had the full on, east side cinematheque Mama Santa's experience last night.
The last time we went together to that local was when they showed the pilot to Twin Peaks to a full house plus one very pregnant me. The undertaking hasn't changed much, but for two items; the first is that though the movie was a remarkable one, Valhalla Rising, there was a sparse crowd for a Friday night, and second, I had expected to see sort of a varied crowd, that was part of the anticipation of going. There were a few couples under 30 and the rest were people our age, sort of straggly and mostly male.
The movie was everything I'd been hoping for. I'd seen a still about six months ago, an image sometimes is all I need to know that there is going to be something momentous. It lived up to those expectations quietly, methodically and with a serious amount of intensity. The food at the restaurant was as mediocre as I remember, but that's not why we go . It was 23 years ago this week that Eamon and I had our first date. It wasn't there, but it might as well have been, it's an institution, slightly older than my own.


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