Monday, November 01, 2010

Everything that I desire

Jack was leaning towards, and then decided not to go trick or treating this year, in fact, the holiday was kind of anemic all around. There were about half as many critters coming to the door as we've had in the past, and I also didn't quite have my heart all in. Even with all of that, I carved some pretty cool pumpkins, one that included an empty beer bottle prop, and bought enough candy this time; which leads me to the "situation" I decamped about candy mid-hand out and noticed that there were at least five bags left.
When Eamon summarized the evening, which he will do for me ,he mentioned that all of the bags were gone. I was mildly confused but equally disinterested. I did however ask Jack this morning and he said that Jacob probably brought the rest to a party he attended.
Well, he didn't in fact, it was all hidden in Jack's room, in a pillowcase, sort of a faux Halloween candy stash.
The picture above is what Jake and I sent him to let him know we were on to his shenanigans. Funny yes, but also kind of sad that he felt compelled to keep that all for himself and blame Jake.
We had a talk and I bored him with my line of questioning perhaps next time, a new approach may be in order.


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