Saturday, November 20, 2010

I must get out of the light

It isn't as If I've been avoiding writing, it's that logging into any of my personal accounts has become a crap shoot.
My dad called from California and asked me if I was selling Viagra now. I know he was kidding, but their was enough real inquiry in his voice to let me know that for him, nothing is out of the question when it comes to his kids.
I had already discovered that my "screen name" as AOL refers to it rather than blaming me, had sent out virus infected email to everyone in my address book. I had heard a text come in at 2 in the morning and looked at it to see if it was something important.
After a tiresome amount of effort, contacting, deleting and clearing up, I've taken care of that problem. What I don't know, is how it happened and to what extent; if it's something attached to my computer or it happened elsewhere. As usual, it's the unknown that is the question.


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