Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I believe it's meant to be

My sister told me yesterday that our grandmother had "picked" November 22 as her birthday because it was the same day JFK was shot. She elaborated on that with the notion, that because the actual birthday was forgotten, a choice was made.
What I wonder today is what date did she use before 1963?
There is so much lore, rumination and amplification when it comes to the generations before us and their stories. It's hard to tell what even has a modicum of accuracy and isn't shrouded in calumny. I guess it's like most things and left to interpretation and the fogginess of the passage of time.
I read an essay by the secret service officer that is forever indelibly branded in our retinas as the man that Jacqueline Kennedy can be seen reaching for after her husband was murdered by anyone but Lee Harvey Oswald. Though I know the picture well, it's completely new to me. It's taken on a whole new color and depth, as does all history once the dimensions become more indurate and de facto.


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