Tuesday, November 30, 2010

We break easy

Holidays and family hold a power like no other.
There is the anticipation, the sugarplum fairies jetting around in our heads as we try to manage the additional numbers, responsibilities and sheer volume in our midst. For me, maintaining some sense of order is a priority, and even though the expectations are reasonable, I kind of always overshoot and then get frustrated with the aftermath.
Eamon and I were sitting together last night, the first time we've had alone in about a week, when we were not sleeping. We discussed our visit, the holiday our children and various worries and points that had been hanging around the corners waiting to come up.
After awhile he said, "this is the debrief." We laughed at that, because it was exactly that. Kind of an inventory of the events that had passed in order to gain, again, some order.


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