Saturday, December 18, 2010

What have you done

Tis the season, yet again, to feel inadequate, overtaxed and under appreciated.
This is the first time in 21 years that I am not putting up the Christmas tree. Not to say, that one of the ever present, other four people I live with can't take care of it. I'm not making a statement, I haven't given up on taking care of all things having nothing to do with my cultural background. I'm just keenly aware that being the only Levite in the house, it's time to pass the baton and let the half bloods set up shop.
Perhaps none of the fellows will keep any of the traditions alive that I have set forth and established all willy-nilly and such. But, I've done my best with whatever icons and with the limited ability that knowledge and guesswork could provide.


Blogger Michelle said...

You are an wonderful writer. I didn't put up an X-Mass tree this year either. Cecilia has her own apartment, I'm painting all the room inside the house, we have the party at my mom's house so why? Cecilia actually cried X-mass morning because no tree and no gifts under it for her. Not to say she didn't get money and other gifts and taken shopping in December - but I didn't have a gift wrapped under a tree for her, all 21 years old and tears - at first I felt like a bad mom but now I think of all the work it is and how I do it and then take it down, how much time I spend and no one helps. I would rather read a good book or take a swim at the pool. Michelle

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