Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Late in the afternoon

Sometimes people's need to remain true to their schedules, appointments, and plans is beyond even a faint, scant or femto amount of reason.
Yesterday, our worst winter storm of the year arrived in the early morning hours. I of course, having my usual array of health issues, needed to go to the doctor to get a new antibiotic because the one I already had was killing me. There is no other reason I would have left the house except that I was ten times sicker than I had been before I started taking it.
Eamon the chivalric decided he had to stay home and drive me, for two reasons; the first being I had depleted any energy I might have had by heaving all night, the second, because visibility was minimal.
After picking up some more poison, we went to a nearby restaurant for some grub in that I hadn't eaten anything but saltines for three days. As we parked I suggested that there would be many seniors there even though the roads were barely passable and the conditions treacherous, they would, like their younger and more bone-dense counterparts, feel that the weather was not going to slow them down, not going to stop them from getting out. Why? can't people, especially those more vulnerable to rotten conditions, manage to see past the fear that they might become sedentary ? I know that they can't. I've seen it at the library or the Y or outside shoveling. They are relentless, and I guess, I'm a bit jealous.


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