Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Awash with the dawning

As I was reading in the newspaper this morning, in particular , an article about Internet access and regulation I thought about how the Web has become God.
This is of course true only for a certain segment of the populous, but the signs and behaviors are all there. Looking to "it" for answers, knowing that so much of the process and what is below the surface is unknowable, that a level of certainty and the evolution of the experience becoming routine and somewhat of a submission and acceptance, are all sorts of behavior that promote taking for granted that this is the place for everything.
And, it is; a slow progression of relying on and looking to the computer for all that we seek kind of reinforces the "ghost in the machine" or the mind body dualism of Descartes in that the particular experience of living life while typing, kind of defeats the purpose, though it gives individuals a certain amount of connection to something greater than themselves, yet is undefinable.


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